A Children's Book: "When You're Older"

CARR is pleased to offer C. L. Selder's children's book, "When You're Older".  Written and illustrated by CARR's own Chrisy Selder, it explains to children the value of growing older and about how one day, they too will be an older adult. Based on Selder's research regarding the misrepresentation of older adults in children's literature, this book portrays aging as a natural process through which we retain our purpose & identity and as an experience that can even make us more interesting.  The book is an attempt to counter the common agist and stereotypical representations of older adults within our culture.  The illustrations are whimsical and charming - sure to make you and the child in your life smile.  

The small book is a soft-cover.  100% of the net proceeds go to fund CARR's advocacy work.  You can download or take a screen shot of the order form below.  Mail the completed order form along with your check to our P.O. Box.  We will ship ASAP.  

Prices include shipping; California prices include CA sales tax.  Items shipped out of state only include media mail shipping, no sales tax.   

Shipping to an address within California:      $25.00/each

Shipping to an address outside California:     $23.00/each

100% of the net proceeds are generously been donated by Ms. Selder to CARR. 

All images are copyrighted, and reproduced here with the permission of the author.  Any further reproduction of these copyrighted images is prohibited without the prior written approval from the author, C. L. Selder. 

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