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CARR is pleased to have five committed and experienced individuals on its Board of Directors to help manifest its Vision and Mission.   Dr. Joaquin Anguera and Chris Murphy, MS Gerontology are founding Board of Directors members; Col. Richard Shigley was welcomed onto the board in May 2013; and Judith Wenker, Esq. joined in February 2014.  Cindy Hasz joined us in 2015, and has already made a huge impact on our work.  The contribution of each member is invaluable to CARR's ongoing work and service to the community. Please read on for personal statements from each member.

Dr. Joaquin Anguera, Professor, Dept. of Gerontology, San Diego State University. 

Dr. Anguera is a distinguished San Diegan, having spent over 40 years in the field of aging.   He spent 30 years with the County of San Diego, Aging and Independence Services in a variety of management position.  In all positions he was instrumental in making  a positive difference for thousands of 65+ individuals.    Following his retirement, he has maintained an active teaching schedule with San Diego State University, influencing hundreds of students with his special brand of encouragement and compassion.    In 2016 he was appointed by Governor Brown to the California Commission on Aging.  We are so proud he has been a long and staunch support of CARRs work, and is a founding Board Member.

Dr. Anguera's Statement:  When I heard that my two former students were establishing a non-profit, I felt a sense of pride.  For these women to take action went way beyond simply learning about the issues that need fixing.  As time went on and CARR gathered momentum, Chris and Chrisy approached me to participate as a board member.  I admired their commitment and the relentless pursuit of their goals.  And, as I began to learn more about the issues and their proposed solutions, I felt deeply honored and accepted the position.

As a professor of gerontology, I recognize that working directly with seniors may be more rewarding to many.  Often students and/or community members choose to work alongside older persons who can, in real time, say thank you.  But for me, I have always found working to improve associated policies, systems, and even mindsets, a more admirable challenge.

CARR’s website clearly demonstrates the authors’ intentions.  Their primary mission is to provide families with the information they need to make appropriate placement decisions for their elders.  But behind the scenes, CARR also works tirelessly to translate this information into meaningful policy reform and educational platforms for the public at large.  

My hope is for CARR to continue to thrive so that California’s seniors increasingly have a voice and families continue to have access to the information they so desperately need.  

Judith Wenker, Esq.

Ms. Wenker is a long-time and passionate advocate for the elderly.  She is also a philanthropist within the San Diego NFP sector and beyond. She is an alum of University of San Diego School of Law.  After retiring from Getty Oil Company as its first environment attorney, Ms. Wenker began spending more time becoming involved with many local oganizations.  She is past President of the Board of Directors of ElderHelp, and is the current President of the Neighborhood House Association Board.  She also sits on the City of San Diego Managed Competition Independent Review Board.  CARR is so pleased to have Ms. Wenker's support and participation on our board; she brings a wealth of experiences and practical advice to our meetings.  

Ms. Wenker's Statement:  After I heard Chris Murphy speak to a group of seniors at USD’s University of the Third Age, I was so impressed by her passion and story of abuses in assisted living facilities that I followed up with her and offered to help.  Since then, I have joined the Board and continue to be impressed with Chris's intelligent and impassioned efforts and those of her co-founder, Chrisy Selder.

I was influenced to get involved due to my long time passion for helping our most vulnerable citizens—low and middle income elderly who have little or no family to look after the care they receive within an RCFE.  My previous experience serving on the Board and as Board President of ElderHelp of San Diego and my ongoing volunteer work with a low income senior elevate in my mind the importance of respecting our seniors by showing them fair treatment.

CARR is helping in a small way now (and hopefully in a bigger way in the future) to right some of the wrongs carried out by negligent RCFE owners and staff.  Recently, lots of publicity and attention have been given to legislative reform.  CARR is proudly, one of the spokes in that wheel.  In addition, CARR is creating a growing and expanding database for concerned consumers to review the compliance of residential care homes in the area.

My vision is for CARR's efforts to multiply and, ultimately, conquer the prevailing issues with their multi-pronged advocacy and information-dissemination efforts.

"We have many miles to go before we sleep."  

Col. Richard Shigley, (Ret. USMS)

Richard Shigley retired as Deputy Commander of Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton, CA and served on the Boards of Marine West Federal Credit Union, was Ex. VP of Trident Plastics Inc. on the Board of Armed Forces Bank of CA, VP of Warner Springs Ranch, and is President Pacific Terrace HOA.  During his prestigious military career he served as an Infantry Office, an Aerial Observer, a contracting officer, provost marshal, engineer and logistician.  Upon retiring to San Diego over 30 years ago, he managed a congressional campaign, and then pursed business and banking. He heard one lecture by Chris and Chrisy back in 2012 and became an ardent supporter.



Cindy Hasz, Geriatric Care Manager, and LVN

Ms. Hasz is an LVN and owner of Grace Care Management.  She has over 30 years experience advocating for patients and residents and understands the long-term care industry from the inside out.  She has a significant reach among service providers in Southern California, having provided consulting services for many families in San Diego, Orange and Los Angeles counties.  Ms. Hasz  is an active author and journalist on healthcare and aging issues, has done talk radio.  In the industry she has a reputation for skilled and dedicated patient/family advocacy, as well as having impecable ethics.  CARR values her unique insights into the assisted living care model and her ability to offer substance and innovation to CARR's mission. 


Chris Murphy

CARR co-founder and Board Member.  Ms.Murphy's bio can be found under Staff Bios, in this section. 

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